Slipping down the Slope to Tyranny

The current immigration debate within the United States, in my humble opinion, does not bode well for me personally or, for that matter, any other “insecure” citizen of the United States. The immigration issue seems to be polarizing large swathes of the population into opposing camps. The scary ability of the mainstream media behemoths like the renowned neo-conservative mouthpiece FOX and left-leaning CNN to whip the public up into an emotionally-charged, divisive, fervor by “framing” the immigration issue and subsequent debate, is more than a little troubling. I believe the severity of the problem can be resolved in four modest steps: 1) removing the incentives in place that encourage many, not all, illegal immigrants to take the risk of entering the country 2) tightening border security without infringing upon American’s civil liberties 3) deporting any violators 4) penalizing employers who habitually fail to follow current hiring laws (make an example out of a few employers by throwing them into prison with a maximum sentence and see how things change quickly). Additional steps that might be harder to enact, but extremely important, would be the repealing of the North American Free Trade Agreement and enforcing anti-trust laws against multinational corporations, essentially breaking up the clusterfuck that has become the Big Business oligopolies. There are very powerful forces at work here and reneging on an agreement such as NAFTA or getting gung-ho on trust-busting might be politically impossible considering the current political influence Big Business possesses through the State. According to Peter Kwong, author of Walling Out Immigrants, “The driving force behind the current surge of globalization, and hence human migration,” is not to end hunger or poverty throughout the world, rather, “…the corporate drive to cut labor costs and maximize profit” (Insecure American, 260). Big Business, through neoliberal economic policies, have decreed to the Average Joes of the world that they are not important, mere cogs in the machine that when they outlive their usefulness it makes more business-sense(more profitable) to pick up operations and move elsewhere. Detroit is a prime example, within the United States, of the destructive effects associated with the emigration of the manufacturing industry to foreign nations in order to maximize profitability. NAFTA played a large role in this and was devised by Big Business to do just what Kwong suggests, cut labor costs and maximize profits. The public relations officers employed by these transnational corporations might suggest the fallacy that by moving production to lesser developed nations the consumer benefits the most through lower prices instead of the obvious more believable desire to maximize profit. I think it is important to consider the act of repealing NAFTA itself would be a push and pull factor that would discourage immigration from Mexico to the U.S by preventing the ability of Big Business to move to lesser developed nations and exploit their poverty-stricken people by paying miniscule wages. Likewise it would discourage emigration from the U.S., particularly the middle-class business owners, who will likely begin fleeing rising taxes used to pay for already stressed social services and defense( don’t get me started on defense-spending!).

I sense we are in the eye of a storm, a global storm to rival all past storms combined. Can’t you feel the insecurity and uneasiness amongst the people you come into contact with lately? The threat of terrorism and illegal immigration are the warm waters needed for this storm to pick up velocity and grow in size. How so? It’s like a parent who wants to scare their child into performing the desired action or non-action. Enter, the Boogeyman, aka Al Qaeda, aka Islamic Fundamentalism aka the Taliban. Whatever the name, the results are the same: 1) Restrictions to movement within and outside a nation-state in the name of security 2) decrease in individual privacy (in this case through an increase usage of closed circuit television cameras, wiretapping, and internet censorship) 3) silencing of dissent 4) gun confiscation. Proponents of expanding number 2 always proclaim, “If I’m not doing anything wrong then I don’t have anything to worry about.” I chuckle whenever I hear this because I fall under the type of individual who believes if the government wanted to find fault with you they could. I suppose if you are an automaton then you have nothing to worry about. Alas, I am the polar opposite of an automaton and should be somewhat fearful of facing persecution for my beliefs considering our descent towards a totalitarian surveillance society that Orwell couldn‘t possible have imagined. The immigration debate in relation to the threat of terrorism is key in rallying public support for the implementation of draconian measures in order for the masses to “feel secure.”

In my humble opinion, what we face is nothing less than the threat from a fascist oligarchy hidden behind the illusion of democratic processes and “consensus building” where what is good for society takes precedence over what is good for the individual. The goal is nothing less than the elimination of the traditional “nation-state” and the cultivation of perceptions along the lines of what President Obama called “global citizenship.” This is why NAFTA will persist and expand, because “the powers that be” desire it to. I base much of my beliefs in regards to this subject on countless speeches given by the various world leaders within the past several years. Lately, many leaders are no longer abashed to speaking their minds about the desire for a New World Order, a world run by corporations for corporations under the pretext of coming together as world citizens. Some skeptical minds might conclude my “paranoid delusions” are from being raised in a highly capitalistic and individualistic society and dismiss this as a fear of, or, resistance to, being part of a “collective” or team. Hardly. I am all for working together and being a part of something bigger than me. What I am not about is any institution or government telling me how to think or what to believe because the “mob”, I mean the majority, reached a supposed consensus. Unbeknownst to the average global citizen a paradigm shift is occurring. It is an ideological movement with its roots in Samuel Huntington’s neoliberal economic policies regarding development and Malthusian teachings in regards to population control.

So how does all of this affect you and I? For starters, having to interact with individuals who have fallen for the emotionally-driven propaganda provided by the mainstream media will become more challenging as the propaganda intensifies and new incidents arise and are “framed.” The possibility that every citizen will be required to furnish “their papers” at the request of any officer of the “state” has all kinds of alarm bells going off in my head. What bothers me even more is the publicly-hidden desire to place radio frequency identification chips into the newly mandated federal standardized identification cards provided by the states(see Real ID Act of 2005). This would change everyone’s lives forever. The fact that these RFID chips are constantly transmitting a signal indicates to me that a global positioning system for all products, including individuals is the endgame and should be opposed by anyone who believes in free will and democracy. Is this some kind of conspiracy theory? Hardly. All that anyone needs to do is look at legislation being enacted in other countries to see that the push for “national identification systems” for entire populations is not an isolated occurrence (see India, Australia, U.K., China, to name a few). Who is at the center of this movement with their “smart infrastructure?” None other than the transnational corporation, IBM. Change is definitely coming, for the better I seriously doubt.



After reading the above essay you might wonder why I mentioned IBM in the last few sentences since IBM was not mentioned anywhere else in my essay.  Firstly, my rationale lies in the understanding that if we are not vigilant in our watch then history will easily repeat itself.  My belief that time is cyclical and not linear in nature also plays a role in my thought process.  Here is a youtube video detailing the corporation IBMs intimate relationship with another Fascist regime, the Nazis:

Now is the IBM Smart Infrastructure desire a Conspiracy??  Or too much power in too few hands?  You decide.


~ by jrparrott on June 11, 2010.

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