The Unholy Trinity: Govt, Media, and Ignornace

A 200 word rant I had written in 2008 to the Modesto Bee, a McClatchy owned Newspaper, located in the Central Valley of California is below.  Of course this was not published by the Bee.  I spoke with a few reporters from the Bee and the head editor who stated they had already reported on this lockdown issue, which they hadn’t.  I find it interesting how seemingly natural it is for the media outlets and government to collaborate and collude to get the story “right”.  The “I scratch your back, you scratch my back” syndrome has never been more obvious.  Another clear example showing that the media no longer investigates then reports, instead just report what they were told happened by the authorities, is the fact that in Ceres the Police Chief  Art De Werk has his own column in the local Newspaper.  Anyone who choses to write in anonymously, which is allowed by the Ceres Courier newspaper, about any of the Police Chief’s views from his column are not sent to the editor of the paper but to De Werk himself.  Did I mention that Ceres Police Chief happens to be the acting Deputy City Manager too???????   What has happened to Ceres and Modesto are a microcosm of the corruption and conflicts of interests afflicting the Nation at every level of government.  I’ve ranted enough, but your comments and insights are greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Police secretiveness does not only occur in Modesto but everywhere. These “public servants” no longer hold the best interest of the very citizens whose taxes pay their salaries. Instead, they are more concerned with protecting their brethren and upholding “order” at the expense of our liberties. The BART murder of an unarmed, prone and handcuffed man by these same “public servants” and the subsequent denying of the man being cuffed is a clear example of the police trying to protect their own. The Ceres Police Department has also been in the process of getting their “ducks in a row” after the lockdown “gun” incident in early December of 2008 at Central Valley High School. Never heard about it? That’s because it was not on the police blotter nor in the Bee or Ceres Courier. There were three suspects but only one was handcuffed and told to stand beside a police car as students being released from the lockdown went to their next classes. Many witnessed this, yet the police did not find a “gun” on the young boy. The CPD burst into the boy’s classroom with their semi-automatic machine guns drawn and poised to dispense lethal force even instructing the teacher who dissented against the aggressive tactics to “get on the ground!” I remind you that no parent is allowed to take their child from school during a lockdown, however many tried and failed. Attempts to obtain a preliminary report by parents of children attending the school have met the same cookie-cutter responses from CPD who have stated, “It’s not public record, and only those who are involved are permitted to view.” Why the secrecy and non-transparency? Perhaps because hearsay and speculation do not hold up in our courts of law? If I were a parent of a child who was forced onto the ground by gun-wielding men in scary black uniforms, it would bring thoughts back of Nazi Germany right before the Holocaust! We must stand up in defiance of tyranny both at the local level and the federal level before we have become conditioned like a dog whose owner beats it. After awhile the owner only need raise his hand and the dog will flinch and submit! Wake up America and remember “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


~ by jrparrott on April 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Unholy Trinity: Govt, Media, and Ignornace”

  1. What a dumb ass. So what is your solution? To let criminal elements run wild? Perhaps the Ceres Swat team should have approached the potential suspects not with firearms, but perhaps with daisy’s and candy. Instead of placing the potential dirt bag in cuffs, perhaps the po po should have given the bastard a cream puff and said, “Please, Pedro, don’t pull out a fire arm and shoot the rest of us.” It’s this type of rhetoric that gives us who are concerned socialists a bad name.

    As a La Raza organizer, I applaud the Ceres police for taking a stand on crime. This is why I moved from Modesto to Ceres because the Modesto Police leadership will do nothing but aquiest to screwy rants like this. Unfortunately, Modesto police leadership was even more corrupt than my hometown of Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico. Modesto police leadership holds public opinion in higher regard than public safety. Consequently, Modesto has become a cesspool of crime. At least in Ceres, the word is out: You break the law at your own peril–even if you are a scumbag juvenile.

    Jesus Archuleta Gomez Ruiz, Esq

  2. Jesus, thanks for taking the time to resond. Although your response is a bit on the “offensive” side with the “dumb ass” remark, I believe a response is required. By “dirt bag” do you mean 15 year old boy?

    MY solution would have been to quietly and quickly enter the classroom with campus security and the SRO and remove these individuals from class instead of letting them know that they were coming by declaring a lockdown. I asked the Principal at the time why this wasn’t handled in this way and he stated it was to prevent the alleged gunmen from moving about campus freely. HA! I laugh because the doors lock from the inside and if these students really had weapons and wanted to enact some kind of violence all they would have needed to do was open the door from the inside. Instead the lockdown was ordered and could have possibly alerted these “dirt bags” as you called them that someone might be on to them. The potential dirtbag still has rights Jesus right? Or does La Raza support the removal of civil liberties and the “state’s” right to put other children into harms way on “heresay” and speculation? Maybe in another country, but not in this one….YET anyways. Maybe La Raza can push to get this changed? Maybe we should be guilty until proven innocent?
    Anyways, I asked a former head of campus security about this situation and how it would have been handled before the “Columbine” hysteria was promoted through the media outlets and was told that campus security would have done just this. Moved quickly and quietly into the classroom and grabbed the kid up out of class. Instead, many children were exposed to dark suited jackbooted thugs entering their classroom with semi automatic machine guns. I guess they should feel safer right?

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